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Chalet Tech is a company with passion and a mission to offer the best Database Security solutions. Our team come from diversified backgrounds but share a dream to make differences in information security. Chalet Technology is committed to technology innovation, quality services, and customer satisfaction. It is our goal to provide customers “peace of mind” in protecting their valuable information and privacy with cost-effective solutions.
志旺科技創立於民國96年,主要從事半導體/光電/通訊相關製造業;擁有為數不少的客戶群,本公司擁有優秀的經營團隊,秉持著『服務至上』的經營理念,追求企業永續經營及成長;除整體營運穩定外,獲利狀況也逐年提昇。 現有韓國原廠PECO鋼嘴(磁嘴/銲針)的台灣及大陸代理權,PECO的鋼嘴全球市佔率最高,所以目前公司擁有的客戶有:日月光、矽品、美商艾克爾、力成、京元電、華東科技、華泰科技、德州儀器、聯鈞科技、億光電子....等,數十家上市公司,業績也不斷成長,故徵求優秀人才一同努力創造未來。 我們重視每一位員工,除了有良好工作環境、也提供學習及成長的空間,歡迎優秀的朋友一起加入的工作行列。 Saturn Tek was established in 2007, majoring in semi-conductor/Optics electronics/communication and relevant manufacturing field with a lot of customers around us. We have an excellent working team. With the concept of “service-oriented” in our mind, we pursue a sustainable operation and development of our enterprise. In addition to the stable overall operation, Saturn Tek is improving its profit year by year. At present, Saturn Tek has been granted the agency of PECO’s capillary in both Taiwan and China. PECO’s capillary takes the biggest global market share, therefore, currently we have the following listed companies as our customers: ASE, SPIL, Amkor, PTI, KYT, OSE, WAE,TITX, eLaser, Everlight...and so on. Our performance keeps growing, so we hurt for outstanding talents to create a better future with us together. We cherish every staff, and besides a nice working environment, we also provide a space for learning and improvement. Welcome excellent friends to join us in our working team!
Volt is a world class leader in the staffing service industry, founded in 1950, with current annual revenue of over $2 Billion USD. Meeting the demands of a diverse marketplace requires unique staffing solutions that strengthen and drive customer competitive advantages. Volt delivers specialized and full-service offerings tailored to maximize value for local and global companies alike. Our extensive global presence through our more than 300 company-owned and operated offices throughout the United States, Canada, Europe and Asia, exhibits our strength and dedication to niche recruiting capabilities and the full service commitment on which our customers can rely. Over 50 years in the industry and stable corporate infrastructure ensure our customers the experience, resources and know-how needed for an effective staffing program. It is the goal of our organization to create a positive work environment where our employees are able to grow and develop. We foster an environment of mutual respect and teamwork. We seek customer relationships that share common values and where true, long-term partnerships are valued and nurtured. 美商渥特股份有限公司是一個專業的人力派遣公司, 我們僱用各行業各職級的專才。 渥特的專長是幫助適任的求職者與我們的求才企業客戶媒合, 提供求職者具有挑戰性、良好報酬及豐富的工作機會。 渥特在美國是公認最傑出的人力派遣公司之一 。 從1950年開始, 渥特提供美國、加拿大及歐洲的領導企業們, 多元化的解決方案, 來滿足客戶在人力資源上的需求。 我們不僅提供服務給財星1000大的公司,也是少數能名列財星1000大的人力派遣公司之一 。 在渥特, 為了要吸引及留住最好的員工,我們也提供給您最完善的職業生涯規劃。 謝謝您考慮渥特服務團隊提供給您的工作機會,並讓我們成為您職涯道路上的夥伴。
About Xbox Life (xboxlife.tw) Created in May, 2007, Xbox LIFE is to provide an accurate and first-handed information source with a unique style for Xbox fans in Taiwan. It also serves as a connection between game developers and Xbox fans. In January, 2009, Xbox Life blog revamped the site to a forum-like interface to further its relationship with Xbox fans, creating a community for the fans to share their experiences of Xbox 360. Xbox Life is being viewed in over 78 counties/territories in the world.
LE PUR Tech. Industry Ltd., Co. has been competitive for its integrative marketing service by offering a wide variety of products. Particularly, LE PUR has been providing hardware products to many countries for more than seventeen years. Apart from its hardware business, LE PUR also supplies heavy-industry products such as petrochemical-use products and light-industry products. LE PUR believes that the bicycle as the environmentally friendly vehicle par excellence is our global future. Therefore, in its light-industry area and in the line of the worldwide trend, LE PUR is enthusiastic to provide a wide variety of cycling parts. LE PUR delivers both OEM and ODM services, and its good quality Taiwanese products and their reasonable prices will certainly meet the requirements of the most critical customer.
YING TECH beginnings in 1999, connected worldwide technology solution providers, and identifying markets of the IT industry. Until today, we set up our global channel, bringing the latest products and services to market and finding new ways to bring value to our customers. Hundreds products searched for our value customers. We expect ourselves to be a leading technology sales, marketing and logistics company. As a vital link in the technology value chain, YING TECH creates sales and profitability opportunities for vendors and resellers through unique marketing programs, outsourced logistics services, technical support and product aggregation and distribution. From this year, we are glad to share our some experience with some partner factories. We are already to star the Display monitor and HDD external enclosure OEM. In the future, We commit to our customers with a comprehensive channel marketing partnership including activities such as value-added services, volume OEM.
The mission of BEST ENGLISH is to help every child reach his or her potential by fostering academic growth, personal growth, and tolerance. BEST ENGLISH is a certified language school, located in the center of Taoyuan City. We offer a stimulating learning environment to all students. Our classrooms are print rich and use rubrics to ensure clear expectations for all students. Our English Language Development support the linguistic needs of our students. All of our classrooms are equipped with computers and the latest software to ensure that our students are prepared for the future. BEST ENGLISH staff believes that its primary purpose is to educate each student to the highest possible level of academic achievement by providing an appropriate curriculum in a safe, healthy environment. We are committed to helping students learn fun and develop English oral skills. We believe in creating an environment that encourages learning and social growth through character building and high expectations.
連結至:WWW.TBCL.COM.TW 2005年由一群各具有10~20年以上之同事,共同成立。目前已有十數位人員並持續增加中。具備 半導體前段,後段之設備,儀器,耗材之經驗、 光電與平面顯示器之設備,儀器,耗材之經驗、 表面分析與奈米科技、 太陽能模組技術。 以技術橋樑自居,搭起原廠與客戶之間之聯繫。期望成為領域中第一名之供應商。 經營理念 : 以信守承諾、團隊合作、相互尊重、分享成長、樂在工作。 經營領域 : 臺灣,中國與東南亞。 Vision : 培養同仁成為客戶最佳夥伴。 Mission : ACTION A: Accountability 當責 C: Customer focus 客戶導向 T: Tough decision 堅毅決定 I: Innovation 創新卓越 O: Open mind 開放心胸 N: Non stop learning 永恆學習 Company Introduction: Technology Bridge Corp. was established by a team of 10~20 years working experience colleagues in 2005. We have more than 10 members and increasing. Working experience with: - Semiconductor front-end, back-end equipments, instruments & consumable parts - Optoelectronics & Flat Panel Display equipments, instruments & consumable parts - Surface analysis & Nano technology - Solar module technology TBCL is a technology bridge connection between the vendor and the customer, expect to be the No. 1 supplier in the field. Operation conception: honor the promise, be a team-work, respect each other, share the growth, enjoy the work. Operation field: Taiwan, China and South-east Asia. Vision: To become a distinctive company highly respected by its customers,employees and shareholders, and offer the best service. Mission: ACTION A: Accountability 當責 C: Customer focus 客戶導向 T: Tough decision 堅毅決定 I: Innovation 創新卓越 O: Open mind 開放心胸 N: Non stop learning 永恆學習
FONCON International Technology Co., Ltd. inherited the easy to use, to promote green business philosophy, through the GPS-related products MODULE, GPS active antenna, GSM antenna field of more than six years of R D experience, so FONCON International technology Co., Ltd. GPS to become a leading global design and development company of excellence. Facilitate the successful development of both small and high gain. The application of high sensitivity and environmental antennas and modules, such as large bandwidth of 6 high-gain frequency of GSM antennas and various types of SMD miniature GPS receiver module with high sensitivity in the meeting world’s leading system suppliers of high quality specifications and the largest trust and bring the most complete GPS electronics connectivity solutions related technologies.
Serene House, the “Air Care” company! Serene House is a company with a long tradition in producing aroma diffusers and fragrances for the home, commercial and public spaces. Serene House is an international brand which keeps creating the best air solutions for emotional demand of tranquillity and wellness with outstanding quality. We pursue perfection and bring our “Air Care” products to be a cleaner indoor environment and a relaxed harmonious lifestyle. Products Serene House produces various types of air-purifiers / air-sanitizers, air-humidifiers, air fragrance diffusers and still to be identified products with innovative technology and outstanding functions. Softline Serene House develops in corporation with specialists a palate of home fragrances, incense and scented waxes for Western and Asian use. The Serene House fragrances are both functional physical and aesthetic, and indulging healthy character. Sustainability Serene House is a contemporary brand who creates values which can be trusted by its customers. Serene House therefore focuses on a sustainable production of high value and quality and produce to the newest international environmental standards and demands in respect of its customers.
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